Cushion - Ottobock Cloud 18X20'' (S12724) [476C00=Ffc18X20]

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  • Modular Floam® inserts, easily adjustable for pelvic obliquity, rotation and to prevent pelvic slide
  • 9 to 30 Floam® cells, dependent on cushion size, in Low, Medium and High fill for detailed position
  • Floam® “surround“ provides femoral stability • Waterproof foam base for additional protection
  • Broad range of sizes from pediatric 30 x30 cm to large adult at 58 x40 cm with 250 kg maximum user weights
  • Long life performance for consistent results
  • Control pressure redistribution over ischial, sacral and trochanteric areas
  • Easy adjustment for pelvic obliquity, rotation and to minimise pelvic slide
  • High level stability for activities and transfers
  • Can readjust over time to meet a client´s changing needs
  • Minimal maintenance and consistent performance over time
  • Clients with high risk of pressure ulcers also requiring shear reduction
  • Clients with pelvic obliquities and rotation
  • Clients with progressive conditions that can change over time
  • For clients who have difficulty maintaining their cushions, particularly in isolated locations
  • Clients with discomfort or pain during mobility on uneven terrain or curb drops

1: Waterproof foam base

2: Floam® trochanteric and lateral thigh supports

3: Floam® cells, each color coded

4: LYCRA® inner Cel-Pak® cover

5: Multi-stretch, water resistant Dartex® /Nylon outer cover

Max. User weight 250 kg when sized appropriately by qualified personnel

Cushion weight 3200 g for 16.5" x 16" (42 x 40.5 cm)

Dartex®/Nylon and Cel-Pak® covers can be washed at 65° C (40° C recommended) using a mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat.

  • Blue Insert – 70 g Floam®
  • Black Insert – 100 g Floam®
  • Red Insert – 130 g Floam®

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