Cushion Jay Basic 18X18 [301]

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The JAY® Basic wheelchair cushion is a soft, mildly contoured durable foam base designed for the client at very low risk of skin breakdown who requires mild stability.

Mildly Contoured, Beveled Base

The Basic's soft foam base is mildly contoured to provide support and increase sitting tolerance when using wheelchairs with sling upholstery. Its beveled bottom reduces the \"hammocking\" effect of upholstery, keeping the wheelchair seating surface level for improved pelvic alignment over time.

Moisture-Resistant Cover with No-Slip Bottom

A moisture-resistant cover assists with incontinence management by protecting the Basic's foam base from moisture build-up. Its no-slip surface keeps the cushion in place during use and transfers.

Technical Data

Width: 14 - 20", 22", 24"
Depth: 14 - 20" , 22" , 24"
Height Front: 2"
Height Rear: 2"
User Weight: 150 kg
Product Weight Max: 1.73 kg
Product Weight Min: 0.3 kg

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