Cushion Action Gel Professional 24X18 [Pceeme512418]

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The Cushion Action Gel Professional 24X18 [Pceeme512418] provides exceptional pressure relief for users at risk of skin breakdown, or with a history of pressure injuries. A full 1 5/8\" thickness of Akton® polymer provides effective weight distribution on a contoured or flat surface. The Professional™ provides an additional 50% cushioning against pressure, shear and vibration. This is significant for active clients using a power wheelchair who have concerns about bottoming-out and the potential effects of increased temperatures (due to foam insulation properties). 

• 41mm thick 
• Suitable for very high risk clients, including medium risk as a preventative measure 
• Not restricted by any weight limit 
• Easy to care for 
• Basic cover included

This item is part of the DVA range.

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