Cup Provale Reliant Medical 10Cc [8-100093]

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Designed with the assistance of interviews and feedback from over 500 speech-language therapists and occupational therapists  

  • Accurate, fixed delivery amount of 5cc and 10cc (depending on style) with each drinking motion  
  • Available with solid or clear base, blue lid (5cc) and brown lid (10cc)  
  • The clear base allows carer to see how much fluid has been delivered   Patented mechanism prevents over-delivery of fluid  
  • Good nose clearance minimises head tilt  
  • Suitable for warm and cold liquids  
  • Can accommodate some thickened liquids  
  • Accurate Delivery Simply by tipping
  • dysphagia

The PROVALE® Cup in a Normal drinking motion, the cup delivers 5 cc (1 Teaspoon) or 10 cc (2 Teaspoons).

By returning the cup to its upright position, the chamber is refilled and ready to deliver another amount of liquid. This process encourages normal drinking habits and SMALL SWALLOWS.

The PROVALE® Cup's ease of use may allow for more patient independence. Because individual patient needs vary, a trained healthcare professional must make the decision on patient independence.

No Over-Delivery Unlike a \"sippy\" cup

The PROVALE® Cup has a patented feature that prevents over-delivery of fluid when the cup is used properly.

Sucking on the drinking spout will not result in additional fluid being dispensed.

Proper Chin Position 

The Cup-In-A-Cup design of The PROVALE® Cup provides very good nose clearance which allows patients to keep their chin in a proper position to make a good swallow.

Special Handles 

The handles of The PROVALE® Cup have been designed with patient needs in mind. The handles arrive detached from the cup and can be attached to one side or the other or both sides. Once attached the handles \"lock-on\" and are not meant to be removed.  

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