Chair Revolution Smart Seating [Revoht]

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Chair Revolution Smart Seating [Revoht] is a steel frame chair with a swivel-slide seat with lock / release mechanism that allows the user access to the chair and to move closer to the table edge without moving the legs of the chair.

  • The Revolution Chair incorporates a unique, patented “swivel-slide” technology 
  • Allows easy access to the chair and to a table edge without moving its legs 
  • Height adjustable 
  • While the chair legs are stationary, the seat turns to receive the user and returns to face the table 
  • It then glides forward to position the user at a comfortable distance from the table edge 
  • The lock/release mechanism allows the seat to gently slide back from the table so it can swivel left or right for easy exit 
Chair Revolution Smart Seating [Revoht]
  • Max Seat Height: 530mm
  • Min Seat Height: 450mm
  • Seat Width: 45cm
  • Seat Depth: 48cm
  • SWL: 120kg

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