Car Handy Bar [Hb1] [31005]


Product Specifications

  • Approved-by - DVA
  • Brand - Peakcare
  • Category - Stand Assist
  • Colour - Red
  • Condition - Ageing
  • Overall-length - 23cm
  • Overall-width - 4.5cm
  • Swl - 158kg
  • Weight - 0.3kg
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The Car Handy Bar [Hb1] [31003] is a portable, alloy metal handle which is fitted into the car door lock striker. Once located, it assists the user to transfer in and out of the car seat by providing a rigid support handle. The handle has a slip resistant foam padded grip and can be used independently or by an attendant assisting a person in or out of a vehicle. Also incorporates emergency side window breaker and stainless steel emergency belt cutter.

Overall Width 45 mm
Overall Length 230 mm
Product Weight 0.3 kg
Max User Weight 158 kg

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