Belt - Bodypoint Calf Support Showering 18", 22Mm (S18130) [Bp-Bb218-22Mm]

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The Aeromesh®  Shower Chair Calf Support has a clip-on calf support, for a complete, protective, hygienic solution for adults and  children using shower chairs in tilt. Reduce risks and increase comfort for tilt shower chair users with a combination that looks good and lasts for a long time.

Sewn-in tubing clips requires no hardware and are compatible with the 22mm (7/8") legrest tubing which covers all major shower chair brands such as ActiveAid, Aquatec/Clarke, Etac R82, Nuprodx, and Raz design. This support has also been successfully tested with ShowerBuddy chairs (25mm/1"tube). The aeromesh material is soft and comfortable which allows the water, soap, dirt and air to flow through easily and it is machine washable.

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