Bed/Chair Raiser - Stackable 100Mm (Each) Adl Res (S7269) [015-6]

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Bed Blocks 100Mm Grey [015-6] can be used to lift the upper part of the bed so that the entire bed rests at an angle. This is useful for patients suffering from conditions such as GERD.

  • A tough plastic brick for raising beds and chairs 
  • For easier access 
  • Stackable 
  • Supplied individually 
  • Can be used to raise one end of a bed, giving it a slight slope 
  • Helpful in the management of some digestive, respiratory and circulatory problems 
  • Can be used with Furniture Raiser Adaptors if the furniture legs are too large to fit the raiser
  • Supplied individually
Package Type Single
Overall Width 62 mm
Overall Height 115 mm
Well Diameter 65 mm
Well Depth 15 mm
Max Load 250 kg

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