Bed I-Care Ic333 King Single Base Only (Mattress Not Included) [Ic333Ks]


Product Specifications

  • Brand - Icare
  • Condition - After Stroke Care
  • Condition - MND
  • Depth - 2080cm (Base)
  • Size - King Single
  • Swl - 200kg
  • Width - 1120cm
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Optional accessories include: headboard, side support rails, fold-down side rails and bedstick.
Key features include:

  • 200kg safe working load
  • One remote for all operations
  • Complete bed height adjustment
  • Up position to top of base 85cm
  • Low position to top of base 22cm
  • Integrated battery back-up
  • Dual lift motors totalling 12,000 Newtons lifting power
  • Heavy duty locking castors
  • Lowest point to top of base when lowered is 22cm
  • Highest point to top of base when raised is 66cm
  • Height Adjustable
  • Available in Onyx & Stone fabric

ICare IC333 Height Adjustable Specificaions:

  • Head Lift Angle 62°
  • Foot Lift Angle 42°
  • Trendelenberg Angle 15°
  • Queen 1 Piece
    • Base: (2080 x 960)
    • Mattress: (2030 x 900)

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