Bed 1600 Invacare 4 Section Single [Pkg-1601Cl]

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The Invacare Etude basic bed allows the bed-user to mount the bed at an extra low height or receive care in the highest position.

This is facilitated by the unique features of the bed ends, which enables the mattress support to be mounted at both upper and lower positions.

The extensive lifting range makes getting in and out of bed easy. In one simple lifting action the mattress support comes away from the bed ends and can be separated manually by loosening two screws.

Features Benefits
  • 1600 mattress base height can be lowered to 20cm - Reduces risk of injury and enhances patient independence
  • 4 section mattress support - Knee break to suit individual patient requirements
  • Choice of head and foot board design and finish - Offers variety and flexibility
  • Sheet metal base - Perfect for use in aged care facilities
  • Patient lifter clearance of 13cm - Suitable for use with most patient lifters, for ease of use withnew or existing equipment


  • Range of head and foot board designs. Custom timber surrounds are also available.
  • BZA-H151220RG Bed extension (25cm)
  • BSH-3093 Metal horizontal safety side rails
  • BZA-H2133 IV pole
  • BZA-H2116 Self help pole
  • BZA-B161205RG Wall protection
  • Buffer bar

There is a wide range of electric hospital beds for home care available nowadays - many different models, sizes and with different features to choose from.

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