Active Hands D-Rings Standard Ah D-Rings [Ah5St/p]

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The Active Hands D-Rings Standard Ah D-Rings [Ah5St/p] are ideal for use in the gym. They allow attachment directly to the karibiner on gym equipment such as cable and pulley machines. The Active Hands D-Rings Standard Ah D-Rings [Ah5St/p] give the benefit of a greater range of movement as well as pulling directly from the wrist.

These aids are beneficial for both those with weak hand function and those with limb differences.

Also available in size Large.

The Active Hands D-Rings Standard [Ah5St/p] come as a pair – left and right hands. The wrist section is tightened using a strip of velcro with a ring on the end. Attached to this wrist section is a D-Ring which allows for attachment directly to the karibiner on gym equipment.

Most adults find that the Active Hands D Rings Standard [Ah5St/p] size fits them, however D-Ring aids are also available in Active Hands D-Rings Large [Ah5l/p]. See our size guide to find out which size is best for you.


A = circumference
of narrowest part of wrist

A: Wrist

STANDARD [Ah5St/p]: 135MM – 185MM 5.3″-7.2″
LARGE [Ah5l/p]: 180MM – 220MM 7.1″-8.7″

(n.b. measurements are approximate)

To help you decide which gripping aid is right for you, please click here to read guide.

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