Etac Swift Shower Chair Grey [81701430]

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Etac Swift has a unique design that adapts to uneven floors thanks to the flexible seat. The soft, high quality ferrules adapt to the floor and ensures a good grip. All these features contribute to the users safety.

Changes with the circumstances

Swift is adaptable to different needs. It is possible to start using the shower stool and add arm supports and back support if the circumstances change. Swift is easy to adjust to the required height with the telescopic legs. It can be set one step lower at the front for a slightly forward tilted seat to facilitate standing up. Soft pads which are specially suited for showering are available should extra comfort be needed.

Seat height

42–57 cm 
Lage versie: 34.5 - 42 cm


53–54 x 56.5–59.5 cm
Low: 52–53 x 55.5–56.5 cm

Width outer, with arm supports

54.5 cm

Width between arm supports

45 cm

Opening: depth x width

13 cm x 11,5 cm


Grey, green, blue

- Stool, grey 81701410
- Stool, grey, low 81701450
- Stool, green 81701010
- Stool, blue 81701510
- Chair, grey with arm supports 81701430
- Chair, green with arm supports 81701030
- Chair, grey, low with arm supports 81701460
- Chair, blue with arm supports 81701530

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