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Active Hands General Purpose gripping aids are essential for a wide range of tasks – at home, in the gym or out and about. An Active Hands gym workout is a lot easier! Whether you’ve had a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or have any condition which reduces your hand function, Active Hands aids could unlock any number of activities for you:

  • Working out in the gym (e.g. holding free weights, using a rowing machine)
  • Playing on the Nintendo Wii
  • DIY at home (using a saw or hammer)
  • Holding a pool or snooker cue
  • Rowing or Kayaking
  • Gardening
  • Holding a glass or bottle


Active Hands Sizing Guide


A = circumference
of narrowest part of wrist

B = length from
crease line (where hand joins wrist) to tip of middle finger

A: Wrist

Mini: 120mm – 140mm
Small: 135mm – 150mm
Standard: 145mm – 185mm
Large: 180mm – 220mm

 B: Wrist to Middle Finger

Mini: 120mm – 140mm
Small: 135mm – 175mm
Standard: 175mm – 210mm
Large: 195mm – 280mm

(n.b. measurements are approximate)

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