Wheelchair type - what does that mean?

There’s a selection of wheelchairs in the market to choose from. The decision is usually determined by 3 main reasons: comfort, pricing and daily needs. See below 8 types of manual wheelchairs available:

Non Scripted Standard Manual Wheelchairs

Non scripted manual wheelchairs are general wheelchair designs with some adjustable features available.

  • The non scripted manual wheelchairs are either self propelled or attendant propelled (AKA, transit).
  • Some models are ergonomic, lightweight and/ or ultra lightweight designs suitable for community access.

Scripted Manual Wheelchairs

Scripted manual wheelchairs are specialised wheelchairs tailored to suit the user's specific requirements.

Active Wheelchair (AKA Sports Wheelchair)

The active wheelchairs are scripted wheelchairs suitable for users with an active lifestyle. Recommended to those who enjoy to play sports and need an ultra lightweight frame to suit their daily needs, or for more manoeuvrability within the home.

  • Scripted models only available.

Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

The Tilt in Space wheelchairs are designed to minimize the fatigue caused when the user holds his/her body upright for a long period of time.

  • The Tilt in Space Manual Wheelchair is where the whole back and seat tilt. Also has the option of a reclining function
  • This facilitates weight re-distribution and the preservation of skin integrity. It also optimises user comfort, decreases user fatigue and assists with head control.
  • There are scripted and non scripted models available.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

Bariatric manual wheelchairs (sometime referred as Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs) are wheelchairs designed for extra weight capacity with reinforced cross braces.

  • There are scripted and non scripted models available.

Paediatric Wheelchairs

The paediatric manual wheelchairs are the wheelchairs designed for younger users. 

  • Scripted models only available.

Standing wheelchairs

Standing Wheelchairs feature electric powered multiple positions from sitting mode to standing mode, and angles in between.Enables the user to have a conversation at eye level plus independently reach for items in high locations.

Beach/ Pool Wheelchairs

Beach/ Pool Wheelchairs are special wheelchairs designed to use in the pool or on the beach. Those models are water resistant.

Recommended additional reading: Glossary of Manual Wheelchair Terms


NOTE: It is very important the patient to be assessed by a qualified healthcare professional. Please contact your doctor or your local hospital for assistance.

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