What is a Shower Commode?

A shower commode is a showering and toileting aid designed to use over a pre-existing toilet or as an independent toilet, and in the shower. A shower commode is somewhat a combination between a bedside commode and a manual wheelchair - but recommended for wet areas.

Shower commodes are highly recommended to avoid hazards of attempting a patient transfer in the bathroom - Example: transferring a patient from a wheelchair to a shower chair.

As a shower commode is designed to use in the bathroom, they are made from materials that resist rust such as aluminum and stainless steel.

There are different models and styles of shower commodes available. Simpler models are beneficial for individuals has a temporary need - Examples: recovering from a surgery, injury or illness. 

For individuals with more severe and ongoing mobility issues, considering the options a bit more carefully will prove beneficial in the long-term. Padded seating, adjustable foot, head and backrests, and even tilting seats are available for lifestyle comfort and accessibility.

Shower Commodes FAQ

Q. Do you hire shower commodes?

A. Yes, we do. Tilt in Space Shower Commode, Attendant Propelled Shower Commode and Self Propelled Shower Commode.

Q. Do you sell shower commodes?

A. Yes, we do. Click here to view range.

Q. I'm a prescriber, can I trial a shower commode?

A. Yes, to submit a trial request please click here.

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