What do I do if my Assistive Technology (AT) supports need emergency repairs or replacement?

"Your NDIS plan should include funds (under the Capital budget) to cover repairs and maintenance costs for your Assistive Technology (AT) supports which have been identified as reasonable and necessary. The NDIS AT and Consumable Code Guide lists commonly used AT and consumable supports, including repairs and maintenance supports.

In the first instance, you should direct your repair and maintenance requests to the provider who supplied the AT. In some cases where the item is relatively new you may be entitled to a replacement or repairs free of charge as part of your consumer rights to address any faults (see the ACCC website).

More information on Assistive Technology can be found on the Assistive Technology page of our website." (Source: NDIS)


Think Mobility Maintenance Department

We provide mobile and in store maintenance repair of AT equipment. Our qualified technicians are manufacturer trained and certified.  

If this is a service you require please call us on 1300 881 968.

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