Top 4 Pregnancy Friendly Bed Positioning Cushions

See below the Top 4 Pregnancy Friendly Bed Positioning Cushions.

1 - Dentons Pregnancy Pillow [Den-64120039]

Top 4 Pregnancy Friendly Bed Positioning Cushions

The Dentons Pregnancy Pillow is for pregnant mums who dream better on their side with contoured support to relieve back pain. During Pregnancy it is recommended that women sleep on their side. The Pregnancy Pillow has been expertly designed with a contoured shape to support and gently cradle the tummy and weight of the baby, relaxing the back muscles, so that you can have a comfortable nights sleep and awake feeling rested and relaxed. In the latter stages of the pregnancy the weight of the baby can twist the spine and exert more than normal pressure on surrounding muscles. The result can be back pain and severe discomfort. 

2 - Neck/ Back/ Leg Roll Naturelle Latex [115513000]

Top 4 Pregnancy Friendly Bed Positioning Cushions

Use as a postural comfort aid behind neck, back, under knees, as a leg spacer, and under ankles to take the pressure off the heels. Aligns the spine, relaxes muscles, frees tension.

  • Provides effective side positioning

3 - Cushion Leg Relaxer Quilted [A115312003]

Top 4 Pregnancy Friendly Bed Positioning Cushions

The contoured leg elevation pillow wedge is designed to fit the natural curves of your body and legs, cradling you in comfort. It helps to alleviate back and leg pain by raising your legs.

4 - Adjusta Wedge Body Support - Quilted (Set) [A115032003]


The Adjusta Wedge adjustable wedge pillow will keep your body in a comfortable and well supported elevated position which will give you beneficial comfort while you rest. The two part construction of the product will allow you change the angle of the wedge to any position between 15 degrees and 75 degrees. 

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