Snooooooze Sleep System Positioning

Snooooooze Sleep systems are not designed to stop movements, but simply to provide different levels of support and prevent the child or the adult from getting stuck in harmful positions during the night. 


Star Pillow/ Head Support

*Paediatric & Adult size available

 Star Head Positioning

Each of the points can be folded under so the shape can be used to position the head as needed. Can be supplemented with wedges.


Curved Wedges

Available in 3 sizes. *Paediatric & Adult size available

 star positioning system curved wedge

These curved sleep system wedges can be used either directly supporting the body or other components. Shaped to hug the body shape (see demonstration picture under "BODY SUPPORT - Wedges").

curved wedge


Wedges & Trifold

wedges & Trifold

Curved Wedges

star positioning system curved wedge

*Read information about the wedges under "HEAD SUPPORT - Curved Wedges"


star tri-fold

Use directly supporting the body with an internal bracket to ensure shape and support is maintained.


W leg through

W leg through

W leg trough support cushion positions your the legs preventing rotation and reducing the risk of dislocation.

Leg alignment is achieved with the whole leg supported and positioned correctly, the wrap (can be used with or without the wrap) prevents the client crossing their legs and gives extra security to the position being kept.

W leg trough with wrap

T Roll

T roll

For clients who find the W Leg Trough unsuitable due to contraction at the knee, T-Rolls are an ideal solution for a presentation of legs that come to mid-line.

Can be used with other components of the sleep system range.


The T ROLL is an excellent item that can easily be used incorrectly, on the left the legs are in alignment and the feet safely planted, the right illustrates a poor hip posture and potential pressure points around the feet.

T-roll position


Body Roll

Body Roll

The body roll cushion can support the head, trunk and legs.
With the child or the adult is side positioned their specific posture will show a tendency to either roll backwards or forward. When the Body Roll cushion is used under the neck and between the legs at the groin it can stabilise the upper body.

The usual placement is down the back where it is possible to open the posture to free the lower arm. The Large Pillow is recommended to place between the legs. It can be used to support down the front for the recover position, offering a ‘stretch’ posture.

Body Roll

IMAGE 2 - The BODY ROLL and LARGE PILLOW, for clients presenting with scoliosis/kythosis their posture has them rolling forwards on one side, in this instance the BODY ROLL is placed down the front.

IMAGE 3 - The BODY ROLL can be used to help someone stretch, in this posture the right side benefits, not a recommended sleeping position, note the compression on the left side.


Mattress Cover

Mattress Cover

The MATTRESS COVER is a fitted sheet which is ‘Hook and Loop’ receptive so elements can be firmly positioned.



Horseshoe pillow

The horseshoe pillow can be used as a full supine support the user lies in the centre supported at the shoulders and head. To give a more stable posture it can be supplemented with wedges.

Shoehorse pillow

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