Manual Wheelchair Scripted vs. Non Scripted - What does that mean?

What is a scripted manual wheelchair? Scripted manual wheelchairs are specialised wheelchairs tailored to fit to the user's need.

What is a non-scripted manual wheelchair? Unlike scripted manual wheelchairs, non-scripted manual wheelchairs have a more general design to fit different needs.

What does that mean to the user? The non-scripted manual wheelchairs have usually a general fitting style and aren't fully designed (although some of the features can be adjusted in some models) to a specific user. A scripted manual wheelchair, on the other hand, can have a seating system that has been tailored specifically around the user to increase comfort, support and positioning.

NOTE: To acquire a scripted manual wheelchair, the user will require a healthcare professional to script it.

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I am wanting a new wheelchair. I am an incomplete quad who has been in a wheelchair for 30 years. My chair will require a collapsable frame, fixed foot plates and skirt guards. Light weight features as my current wheelchair is approx 13kg. My new chair can be designed from my current wheelchair.
Are you able to help me?

julanne enright August 20, 2019

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