Hygge Summer

In the last couple years, particularly last year with the start of the pandemic, we're sure you've come across hygge-like activities and home inspirations. 

You might be wondering, what in the world does hygge mean exactly?

"According to the 2016 World Happiness Report, Denmark clocks in as the world’s happiest country and Wiking believes that the positive stat can be attributed to hygge." (1)

"Meik Wiking, the author of The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets To Happy Living, and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, tells SELF that hygge has been called everything from 'the art of creating intimacy,' to 'coziness of the soul,' and even, 'cocoa by candlelight.' In his book, Wiking explains that you know hygge when you feel it, but that some of the key ingredients are togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, presence, and comfort. 'The true essence of hygge is the pursuit of everyday happiness and it’s basically like a hug, just without the physical touch,] he says."(1). Mainly, Hygge "focus on the small things that really matter, including spending more quality time with friends and family and enjoying the good things in life.". (1)

Hygge is well known for the winter coziness inspired activities and home inspirations, but the Danes practice it all year round. (1) 

Nowadays, spending time with friends and family is a bit more limited - unfortunately!. So we have selected top products for you to cozy up and enjoy alternative activities:

1 - Weighted Blankets - Get comfy!🥱

Therapy Premium Weighted Blanket (Adult) Micro Plush Cover Space Grey 7Kg [Adlt-Blkt-Gr-Ap-7] - Think Mobility

Don't even need to ask twice! - Weighted Blanket utilises deep touch pressure to gently distribute pressure evenly across your body, promoting a deeper more restful night’s sleep. The result is a natural reduction in stress and anxiety while also promoting the production of endorphins to improve mood and relaxation

 2 - Gel Terry Moisturising Booties - Self care? Yes please!🧦 

Gel Terry Moisturising Booties - Pr - One Size [Gel-108-M] - Think Mobility

Exclusive Gel that fully surrounds feet — not just the soles — gradually releases jojoba, avocado, olive and other natural oils onto the skin’s surface. Terrycloth comfort, non-skid soles. Safe to wear around the house while feet get super soft! Washable and reusable for months.

3 - Book Holder  - Read your favorite book! 📖

Book Holder/ Stand Homecraft (Gst) [Pat-Aa7280] - Think Mobility

The Book Holder/ Stand Homecraft (Gst) [PAT-Aa7280] is lightweight, stable stand holds books and magazines open and upright. Place on a table or counter top, as well as over knees. Included clip can be used to hold pages open or mark place.

4 - Thermo Mug - Pick a Signature Summer Cocktail 🍹

Thermo Mug 320Ml Red Ornamin [11797] - Think Mobility

This sturdy isolated drinking mug is perfect for enjoying hot and cold beverages for longer.

5 - Scoop Bowl - Indulging Mindfully😋

Scoop Bowl Aidapt [Vm902] - Think Mobility

"From a culinary perspective, hygge is about giving yourself a break from the demands of healthy living, but taking time to bake, savor, and enjoy the process of it. "(1)

Scoop Bowl Aidapt [Vm902] has been designed as a dining aid (or kitchen aid) to help users with limited dexterity, particularly those with one hand, this useful Scoop Bowl has a non-slip suction base and is specially shaped on one side to make it easier to scoop food into a spoon or onto a fork.

Source: 1 - Practicing Hygge Danish Life Style

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