How to choose a shower chair

Showering is a daily routine. In some cases such as disable care or elderly care, it can be dangerous and difficult due to leg strength and stability. Hence, safety measures such as using a shower chair can be requested by a healthcare professional.

Shower chairs are designed to provide comfort and support while sitting and transferring. There are a few points to take into account when selecting the right one.

1. Safe Work Limit

It is important that the shower chair can hold the weight of the user.

2. Size

Size is very important! The chosen shower chair needs to be suitable to the client’s dimensions and home environment .

  • Seat Size - Width & Depth
  • Paediatric or Adult?

3. Material

Aluminium, Zinc, Steel or Plastic? The weight of the shower chair will be different between the materials (the safe work load also changes between materials).

Plastic often can hold less weight but it is lighter material. Aluminium is lighter than Zinc and Zinc is lighter than Steel. Steel often has the highest SWL.

4. Area

How big or small is the area? Do you require a compact shower chair? or a swivel chair?

5. Specific Features

  • Height Adjustable Legs (highly recommended for uneven floors)
  • Portable (can be easily dismantlement)
  • Commode (some models have the commode combined feature)

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