Falls Prevention: Safety Measures in and out of the home environment

"Falls are a major health issue in the community with around 30% of adults over 65 experiencing at least one fall per year." (Australian and New Zealand Fall Prevention Society)

"Falls can also result in restriction of activity and fear of falling, reduced quality of life and independence. " (Australian and New Zealand Fall Prevention Society)

"Another consequence of falling is the “long lie” – remaining on the ground or floor for more than an hour after a fall. The long lie is a marker of weakness, illness and social isolation and is associated with high mortality rates among the elderly. Time spent on the floor is associated with fear of falling, muscle damage, pneumonia, pressure sores, dehydration and hypothermia." (Australian and New Zealand Fall Prevention Society)

Safety measures in and out of the home environment are highly recommended to prevent any possible fall related injury.

"A number of falls prevention strategies have been shown to reduce the incidence and risk of falls in the community. "(Australian and New Zealand Fall Prevention Society)

We recommend a risk assessment to be completed, as each individual’s condition and environment might require a different safety measure. Please speak with your healthcare professional for a assistance.

  • Nightlights and glow in the dark products are recommended to increase visibility in darker areas of the house and at night.
  • Non slip socks and non-slip rubber mats are recommended to reduce the risk of trips and falls.
  • Gab rails are recommended to provide extra support around the house.
  • The use of a walking aid for improved stability, security and posture.
  • The use of alarms & sensors can monitor movement without physical restraining and give early warning .

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