Do I need assessments for purchasing AT?

"If you have identified that you may need assistive technology (AT) during the planning process, your NDIS plan may include funding for an AT assessment. The assessment can assist you and the NDIA to understand what are the most appropriate AT solutions to meet your goals.

The NDIS AT Complexity Level Classification document provides guidance on when an AT assessment may be required. Low cost, low risk items (Level 1) do not need a form to be sent into the NDIS. However you can seek advice (from an Independent Living Centre, AT assessor) to help you with purchasing low cost, low risk AT.

Complexity Levels 2, 3 and 4 AT typically require an appropriate assessment form to be completed by or with the oversight of an AT Assessor with suitable experience in that AT. Some AT will need greater consideration due to particular participant or environment issues." (Source: NDIS)

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