Best products to exercise at home

Breathe in ... Breathe out... Do you like to do yoga? or do you prefer to dance? Strength training? Exercising is really important, specially during this time. See below our best products for you to exercise at home.

Please contact a personal trainer or your doctor for assistance and to get an exercise program designed for you.


Best products to exercise at home

Robust, compact mini cycle exerciser that can help to improve circulation and muscle strength; ideal for those keen to exercise from the comfort of their own home.


Best products to exercise at home

Use for rehab, exercise, core and posture training. These quality Exercise and Posture Balls have a non slip vinyl surface, and are ribbed to give an extra sense of security.


Best products to exercise at home

Can be used during work-outs to increase strength training, or used alone as part of a weight training program.


Great for performance activities like Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Aqua-aerobics, Paddle-boarding.


Active Hands General Purpose gripping aids are essential for a wide range of tasks – at home, in the gym or out and about. 

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