Ornamin Thermo Range

Eating and drinking aids with hidden thermal function

The keep warm tableware is a real enrichment especially for people who eat and drink slowly: It keeps meals and beverages at the desired temperature and gives them the time they need without a loss in quality in terms of lukewarm or even cold food and beverages. The keep warm plates are a practical daily aid for the elderly, in the care and in case of diseases such as stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and people living with a disability who need eating and care aids.

Thermo range

How the thermal function works:

• keeps meals warm or cold for longer
• the openings on the rim of the bowls and plates can easily be filled with hot or cold water
• eating and drinking at own pace without temperature loss
• carefree eating without exclusion: the thermal function is intelligently hidden in the design
• the mugs are available with and without internal cone
• continue to eat and drink independently despite a disability
• suitable for slow eating and drinking

The pleasure while eating is strongly connected to the temperature of the meals. Only if they have a certain warmth they can develop their full aroma and thus the best taste. For some people it is nearly impossible though to eat so quickly that the meals do not get cold. This can have many reasons. Some elderly people or people with physical limitations are simply not able to eat quicker as their motorics do not allow it anymore. For everyone who needs more time while eating ORNAMIN has developed the tableware with thermal function, containing the keep warm plates, keep warm bowls and thermo mugs made high-quality plastic. The openings of the keep warm plate and keep warm bowl can easily be filled with hot water which keeps the food warm and tasty for longer.

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